Alpaca Convention

Smooch A Pooch 


Pre-Veterinary Club

University of North Carolina - Charlotte

PVC Meeting @6pm

Alpaca Convention

Photos from our "Alpaca Herd Health Day" featured above! 2.4.17.

PVC Meeting @6pm

Alpaca Convention

 Important Events



February 13th 

Meeting:Valentines Day Crafts 

February 16th-18th 

Alpaca Convention

February 26th 

Meeting: Dr. Martenson

​March 13th

Meeting: GRE Speaker 

March 15th 

St. Patties Day Bake Sale

March 23rd-25th 

APVMA Conference

April 2nd

Meeting: APVMA Review 

April 17th 

Meeting: Dr.Bonilla 

April 30th 

Meeting: Potluck

Missed a meeting?

Below are links to the PowerPoints that were presented

January 16th, 2018: 1st GB Meeting Minutes 

January 29th, 2018: 2nd GB Meeting Minutes, Dr.Williams Powerpoint