Pre-Veterinary Club

University of North Carolina - Charlotte


All officers are expected to be present at as many meetings and events as possible, though their course/work schedule and occasional conflicts will be taken into consideration and will often be excusable.  As well, all officers are expected to maintain frequent contact with one another, especially via emails among the entire group and officers’ meetings (typically held about once monthly).  The duties listed below are subject to change at the discretion of the Advisor, Dr. Williams, and the President.  Planning for the next school year will begin during the summer, however if you are not in the Charlotte area, this may be done through email and/or Skype.  All officers must check their email regularly and respond promptly, especially to time-sensitive matters.

As per Section II of our Constitution, the President shall:

  • supervise the activities of the organization
  • take ultimate responsibility for the maintenance and well-being of the organization
  • serve as the main contact for the organization
  • serve as the liaison between APVMA Executive Board (as well as the APVMA Symposium host

Pre-Veterinary Executive board) and this Pre-Veterinary Club; organizes the APVMA symposium trip.

  • oversee the financial transition process between current and future treasurer
  • oversee the Executive Board’s decisions on meetings, dates, topics and activities
  • oversee the committees, appointing any representatives as deemed necessary
  • ensure all officers are performing their duties as defined in this Constitution
  • delegate duties and projects to officers as s/he sees fit

Additional duties the President has fulfilled in recent semesters:

  • develop informative meeting topics and presentations
  • oversee the establishment and planning of wet labs and activities
  • create agendas for and lead officer meetings
  • seek opportunities for members to gain experience hours or enrichment
  • seek speakers to present at meetings
  • maintain email account, including answering questions, replying to emails, summarizing meeting topics, etc.
  • organize Doodle polls for establishment of meeting times every semester, as well as for events and elections
  • develop ways to publicize the club


As per Section III of our Constitution, the Vice President shall:

  • assist the President in his/her duties
  • assume the Presidents responsibilities in his/her absence
  • be responsible for the calendar of events and serve as liaison between committees
  • keep accurate records of all meetings in the Secretary’s absence
  • assist in projects as assigned by the President (T-shirts: ordering, sign-ups and distribution)
  • shall be responsible for taking over the position of any officer who is ejected from or leaves the

Executive Board until the position is filled (The empty position shall be filled as soon as possible)

Additional duties the Vice President has fulfilled in recent semesters:

  • seek fundraising opportunities, including activities, grants, sponsors/donors, etc.
  • assist President with planning meeting topics, events, etc.
  • assist President with maintaining email account
  • seek opportunities for members to gain experience hours or enrichment
  • develop ways to publicize the club


As per Section IV of our Constitution, the Treasurer shall:

  • Handle all financial aspects of the club
  • Keep an accurate account of all funds received and expended
  • Be one of the three signers on financial documents
  • Be responsible for collecting dues and notifying members who are delinquent in their payments
  • Be responsible for creating budget reports at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester and as requested by the President, Vice President, and/or UNCC faculty/staff advisor
  • Provide financial records sufficient to allow the President to perform audit

Additional duties the Treasurer has fulfilled in recent semesters:

  • produce monthly Treasurer’s Report to be distributed to officers
  • collect payments for wet labs, t-shirts, events, etc. and maintain accurate list of who paid; must inform President of who paid immediately prior to events
  • retrieve checks from bank when requested
  • regularly check and maintain bank and Paypal accounts
  • seek opportunities for members to gain experience hours or enrichment


As per Section V of the Constitution, the Secretary shall:

  • Keep roll at all general meetings as well as any other club events and officer meetings
  • Assist with club correspondence
  • keep accurate records of all meetings
  • send an electronic copy of notes from each meeting to the President for his/her approval
  • maintain an accurate list of members and their contact information
  • prepare handouts/sign-up sheets for upcoming events or activities to be passed out at meetings.
  • prepare ballots for elections
  • keep copy of constitution and have available for members
  • assist in projects as assigned by the President

Additional duties the Secretary is expected to fulfill:

  • assist the President and Vice President in sending mass emails to club members
  • seek opportunities for members to gain experience hours or enrichment